Welcome to FoxBox, your one-stop shop for your new website.

Let us take the hassle out of creating a beautiful space for you or your business.

It's what we do.


you have enough on your plate

The idea of building a website can seem overwhelming, and difficult to know where to begin. Devoting days and even weeks to learning a new platform and building up a website is something that most people just don't have room for in their schedules, and we understand that.  

That's where we step in.

One of our expert designers will build your site from scratch, and hand it over to you only when you're completely satisfied -- letting you get back to the important things.

So what am I getting?


Full Creative Control

We won't assume to know what you want. Show us sites that you like, show us your previous site, show us your Pinterest board -- anything you want. If you want to see a couple of prototypes, we can do that too. The most important thing to us is that you love your new site, and so we will go through as many changes and tweaks as are needed until that happens. Your site is your space. You have creative control.

It's official; mobile-friendly sites are preferred by Google.

Your site will be fully responsive across all device types, and search-engine optimised out of the box. Your keywords, search-engine description and image alt text (the new meta-tags) will be added for you, to ensure your site gets the ranking it deserves. We'll even help you set up on Google Search Console so that you can really take control of how your site shows up across the internet. Nice.


Your brand isn't static

so neither is your site


We understand that your needs are ever-changing and evolving. What you want today and what you need tomorrow could very well be different. Since your site will be built and maintained on the Squarespace platform, you will always have the ability to refresh and update your site, whether that means adding a blog post, changing your homepage, or even totally overhauling your site. Nothing is out of reach to you, and we'll always be here if you need our help.

Peace of mind

You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your brand is in the capable hands of a professional with a passion for website design.